Social Wavelength is now Mirum India

As the industry’s leading social media monitoring tool, Radian6 from the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud allows you to quickly and efficiently track, monitor, and react to comments, questions, and complaints as they happen. And with the most robust social offering, you can tap into over 650 million sources from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, news, and more to hear what’s being said about your brand, competition or category. Then, take action by routing important social media posts to any user across your organization for insight or follow-up.

Scalable Brand Monitoring


The amount of daily social posts directed toward your brand can seem infinite. Triage and respond to online posts from influencers and detractors alike or route category-specific comments for follow-up across your organization—whether through sales, customer service, PR, or community management—all from a single social media management system.



Actionable Social Data


It’s not enough to just listen to social media. Understand the social posts that matter most by enhancing those conversations with meaningful insights—on everything from influencers, sentiment, demographics, trends, intent, and more. We’ve put the best functionality of 15 social analytics providers in one out-of-the-box solution. Think of it like the world’s only app store for social media analytics.



Social Sales and Lead Generation


Drive revenue by understanding what content drives traffic, finding the conversations that will convert, and using them to grow your pipeline. Discover purchase signals and point-of-need conversations or even intercept discussions with competitors. Plus, take advantage of Radian6’s RESTful open APIs, which open up myriad integration opportunities with either Salesforce CRM or any other CRM that you have currently deployed, Service Cloud, web analytics, and more.



Extraordinary Customer Experiences


Add another arm to your customer service department with social listening. Radian6 helps you improve customer satisfaction, while reducing attrition rate and call volumes. Real-time social media listening functionality helps you decrease response times and strengthen brand perception in a public medium that shows others your ability to quickly address and resolve issues.