Social Wavelength is now Mirum India

As the world’s leading social media advertising platform, brings a powerful combination of ease of use and scale to social advertising. Ideal for agencies and in-house media teams, ensures the right content reaches the right audience to maximize ROI. helps you create highly effective social advertising campaigns that generate sales and maximize ad spend.

Precisely Target and Test Your Campaigns


Build highly targeted social media advertising campaigns at scale with’s easy-to-use, self-service platform. Segment and test all aspects of your campaign to find your ideal audience.



Optimize and Automate


Make one-click optimization decisions across thousands of ads or campaigns to maximize effectiveness, or define your own automation with our highly flexible model. Instantly identify what works and automatically adjust your digital campaigns accordingly, ensuring your advertising dollars are spent where they work best.



Measure and Report


Understand the true business results that your social media advertising campaigns are driving by measuring more than just impressions. Then, easily report on the results you see.



Global Reach and Scale 

With customers in 49 countries driving more than three billion daily impressions in social advertising, we have the tools and expertise to help you run ad campaigns wherever you are.