Social Wavelength is now Mirum India

Social Studio

Social Studio helps you build more meaningful relationships with customers by tapping into the power of social media in your marketing, customer service, and sales organizations. Harness social conversations to listen, analyze, publish and engage with your customers, on a 1:1 basis.

Listen and analyze


Listen to and Analyze conversations from over 650 million different sources across the globe. Discover what consumers are saying about your brand, your products, and your competitors. Understand which topics are generating interest and where the most influential conversations are happening — then use that information to inform your marketing decisions. Understand category level issues which your consumers are talking about. Catch negative conversations and also listen to conversations where consumers are actively expressing interest in your products or services. Plus, with Social Studio you can monitor consumer sentiment to stay ahead of potential crises and evaluate new product and service offerings.



Plan and publish


Social Studio empowers brands to plan, execute, and track compelling social media marketing campaigns. Source content from the Social Studio ecosystem of partners or integrate with your own digital asset management system to seamlessly pull existing creative into social campaigns. Customize and craft your content while protecting your brand with configurable approval rules and a full audit trail. And what’s more, with Social Studio, managing social strategy, tailoring social campaigns, and driving social awareness across distributed teams is easy — just identify the content with the highest engagement and share it with different product, regional, or brand teams.



Engage and connect


Behind every tweet, Facebook post, or status update is a customer — and it’s your job to engage, in a timely, responsive manner with compelling content. Social Studio gives you the tools to monitor what people are saying on your brand’s owned social channels and participate in conversations about any topic across the social web. And with our social automation engine, organizing discussions is easy. You can automatically label, classify, and assign posts in order to route and prioritize work across teams – making connecting with social customers easier than ever before.